Object Builder


Customize object properties and layouts to help users interact with their data.

Object builder is a module for managing custom data for your business. This guide covers Object builder basics and how to use it.

The Object builder module’s main function is for customizing core objects in your Rose Rocket organization. These customizations include creating custom fields and editing existing fields. You can also add, remove, and rearrange an object’s data panel views.

For example, a company called XYZ Freight Corporation may have a significant part of their business hauling hazardous liquids. This company supports this business function by leveraging Object builder to customize their Order objects. View the points below to see the example.

  • Create custom fields to capture the Hazmat class, UN number, and Packaging group number
  • Modify the Status field to include a new Washout status
  • Prioritize these fields in the data panel view for both internal users and external collaborators

Add or modify objects and fields using the user interface only. The API is not a valid method of managing the Object builder. Using both or switching between them causes errors.

Using Object builder

Navigate to Settings > Builders > Objects to begin. View all the objects available for customization and select one to edit.

Objects can have two display views, Internal and External. Internal view is the default comprehensive view for most users in the organization. External view is for displaying specific visible fields as the default public view for when sharing records.

Each view displays a list of all available fields in the center panel and the corresponding data panel layout to the right.

Custom fields

Custom fields created using Object builder share many of the same behaviors as standard fields. With Object builder, view and modify the configuration of a custom field. You can also view any associated field keys.

All custom fields created using Object builder have a field key appended with __c. When you use the GET method to retrieve a field, all fields including custom fields are returned in the response. You can also use the POST method to update the values of these custom fields.`