Create and edit contact information for customers and partners.

Contacts contain information for additional people to act as a point of communication. Add contact information such as name, role, email, and phone number to provide another connection for your specific need.

This object is only available within customers and partners as a connected object. All contacts are specific to a module and aren’t shared at the broader organization level. For a broker, contacts can also be created and assigned when sending the rate-confirmation with partners through Rose Rocket

Partner objects also contain a primary contact attribute for contacts. This defaults to the first contact within the list as well as can be assigned.

API configuration

When using the API to make requests, see the pages below for the process. These guides walk through the requirements and setup to access the Rose Rocket API with your application.

Object structure

Use the table below for information about the contact objects.

fullIdFull IDstringID used to identify record as seen by user
firstNameFirst NamestringFirst name of contact
lastNameLast NamestringLast name of contact
emailEmailstringEmail of contact
phonePhonestringPhone number of contact
nameFull NamestringFirst and last name of contact
NOTE: This field is derived from the firstName, and lastName attributes.
*See Read-only fields.
dateCreatedLabelContact DatedateContact created date as a label string
NOTE: This field is derived from the $createdAt?.toLocaleString() attribute.
*See Read-only fields.
isPrimaryIs PrimaryBooleanStatus of primary contact or not when associated to another object
statusStatusstring, enumeratedStatus of contact
contactRoleContact Rolestring, enumeratedRole of contact
customerCustomerCustomer connected object
*See Connected object section
Customer associated with contact
partnerPartnerPartner connected object
*See Connected object section
Partner associated with contact
formattedContactFormatted ContactstringFormatted contact field with summarized contact info blob
NOTE: This field is derived from the firstName, lastName, phone, and email attributes.
*See Read-only fields.