The Address object represents physical addresses and is linked to other objects within the Rose Rocket platform.

For example, in the Stop object, the Address is utilized as the stop’s physical address. The Address object will continue to be used in future objects whenever a physical address is needed.

API configuration

When using the API to make requests, see the pages below for the process. These guides walk through the requirements and setup to access the Rose Rocket API with your application.

Object structure

Use the table below for information about the contact objects.

idAddress IDStringUnique identifier of the address.
NOTE: Automatically assigned by System
nameAuto-Generated Customer IDStringDerived name from formattedAddress to support display in dropdowns.
*See Read Only section
addressBookIdAddress BookStringIdentifies the address book to which this address belongs.
companyNameCompany nameStringSpecifies the name of the company associated with the address.
address1Address line 1StringIndicates the primary street address for the location, such as street number and name.
address2Address line 2StringIndicates additional address details, such as suite or apartment number.
cityCityStringSpecifies the city where the pickup or delivery location is situated.
stateState / ProvinceStringSpecifies the state or province of the address.
stateCodeState CodeStringProvides the abbreviated code for the state or province.
countryCountryStringSpecifies the country of the address.
countryCodeCountry CodeStringSpecifies the official country code.
postalCodeZIP / Postal codeStringSpecifies the postal code for the address’s area.
latitudeLatitudeNumberSpecifies the latitude coordinate of the address.
longitudeLongitudeNumberSpecifies the longitude coordinate of the address.
googlePlaceIdGoogle Place IDStringSpecifies the Google Place ID associated with the address.
timezoneTimezoneStringSpecifies the timezone of the address.
hoursStartAtHours Start AtNumberThe time of day that the location opens, measured in seconds from midnight.
hoursEndAtHours End AtNumberThe time of day that the location closes, measured in seconds from midnight.
contactNameContact NameStringSpecifies the contact name associated with the address.
phoneNumberPhone NumberStringSpecifies the phone number associated with the address.
phoneExtensionPhone ExtensionStringSpecifies the phone extension associated with the address.
emailEmailStringSpecifies the email associated with the address.