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I am trying to get set up with a client and they require for us to use e2open EDI and API for updates. Id this possible?

API Integration for Quick Quoting

Hello, I am trying to integrate the RR API with the API of one of our international carriers. We are hoping to allow customers to get a quote from this carrier within Roserocket's customer portal UI, ideally when fetching Quick Quotes at the beginning of an order. Any guidance on how to approach this? Is it possible with the currently available webhooks or is there another approach for implementing this feature? Thank you

Audit logs

Hi, is there anyway to tell when a specific field was updated? We are auditing data and want to know when staff added value to specific fields. thank you

Create new customer's order address_book_external_id and address_book_id

<https://roserocket.readme.io/reference/create-order> "Address book external id. This field value can be null. Leave this field as null if you want to manually specify the address. If you want to populate the address using address_book_external_id, you must leave address_book_id empty." When using field address_book_external_id or address_book_id I still receive field validation errors looking for City, Country and Postal of the Origin, Destination, and Billing. Anyone out there using this successfully?

Webhook for changes to leg delivery window

Hello - I want to run some logic whenever the requested delivery window on a leg changes. Is there a webhook I can use for this, and if not, do you have a recommended workaround? Thanks

I am unable to reset password

Hi Team, I am unable to login to test environment due to login issue. I tried to reset my password but still couldn't login after it is set. Can you help me with this.

Missing Orders using API

We are using "/orders?in_status_ids=delivered,invoice-created,invoice-sent,invoice-paid&offset=0&limit=100&customer_id=887e5a1f-b43e-418c-859c-610030d84490&created_start_at=2024-05-10T20:18:24.7428900Z" We should see 4 orders, but we only see 3. From what we can tell they all fall in the criteria, so not sure why one would not come back on that call. thank you ![](https://files.readme.io/716280a-image.png)

API Push vs Pull

Looking to set up an API connection to send orders from our customers TMS to our TMS, and subsequent status updates from our TMS back to theirs. We have a few questions: 1. Is rose rocket able to push updates, or would our customer need to pull the data from Rose Rocket based on webhooks or event triggers? 2. Is it possible to share the 'customs broker' field. We have a value we would like to put in there.

Unable to access API via cURL

Hello, We're unable to access the RoseRocket API via either cURL or the API readme (<https://roserocket.readme.io/reference/find-orders>). We keep getting errors of the form ``` { "error_code": "4-1", "error_message": "key is of invalid type" } ``` when we try and get our OAuth 2.0 tokens from the method recommended [here](https://roserocket.readme.io/docs/testing-the-api-from-readme). Is there anything that can be done to resolve this? <br> Thank you!

Authentication Problem - Error 405 Method Not Found

I am trying to get my authentication set up in Rose Rocket and I am following this documentation: <https://roserocket.readme.io/docs/getting-started> I was able to download the Rose Rocket API collection and environment into postman, and I filled in the Body of the request with the correct information (username, password, client_id, and client_secret); however, I am getting a "405 Method Not Allowed Error" when sending. Any idea of the problem here?