Manage vehicle and equipment information.

Assets are vehicles or equipment to create for interacting with an order. Add details and information about the asset within the data panel for reference and transparency in your workflow. When creating a new asset in the activity panel, add the name, type, capabilities, and description.

For vehicles, Rose Rocket has inputs for the key identification attributes, such as the VIN, plate number, as well as other physical traits. In addition, for equipment needs, add specific asset types to identify your equipment. See the Add new asset types section for details.

Assets cannot be assigned to orders with any overlapping timestamp. For example, Asset A is assigned to Order 1, for delivery from May 1st to May 5th. Asset A cannot be assigned to Order 2, for delivery from May 4th to May 7th.

Add new asset types

Rose Rocket includes settings to add custom asset types to your module. Create and manage asset types to use in your organization. Navigate to Settings > Assets, under Module Settings > Asset types to add or edit values. Select Create asset type to populate a new value in the table. Change the name by selecting the edit asset name input space.

API configuration

When using the API to make requests, see the pages below for the process. These guides walk through the requirements and setup to access the Rose Rocket API with your application.

Object structure

Use the table below for information about the asset objects.

fullIdAsset IDstringOrganization-level unique ID for record
nameAsset NamestringSpecific fleet truck or trailer unique ID
lastSeenLocationLast Known Location City and StatestringLast seen location of asset by city and state
lastSeenTimeLast Known Location TimestampdateLast seen or system updated timestamp of asset
descriptionDescriptionstringText description
currentLocationCurrent locationstringCurrent location of asset
assetTypeEquipment TypestringEquipment type used for transportation
For example: box truck, tractor, dry van
capabilitiesCapabilitiesstringAsset-supported added capabilities
statusStatusstringCurrent status of asset
assignedUsersAssigned UsersUser records connected object
*See Connected Objects section
List of user IDs assigned to asset for tracking and management
compliancesCollection of Compliance IDsCompliance records connected object
*See Connected object section
List of compliance IDs associated with asset
lengthLengthstringLength of asset, for load planning and determining appropriate routes and equipment
widthWidthstringWidth of asset, for load planning and determining route restrictions
heightHeightstringVertical measurement of asset, for load planning and clearance calculations
capacityUnit CapacitystringCapacity of units on asset, unit of measurement is defined under dimensionUnit
maxWeightMaximum Weight CapacitystringMaximum weight capacity
linearFeetLinear Feet CapacitystringMaximum linear feet capacity
weightUnitWeight UOMstring, enumeratedWeight unit of measurement, valid values: kilograms, metricTonnes, tons
volumeUnitVolume UOMstring, enumeratedVolume unit of measurement, valid values:gallons, litres, cubicFeet
dimensionUnitDimension UOMstring, enumeratedDimension unit of measurement, valid values:centimeters, inches, feet
yearYearstringYear manufactured
modelModelstringAsset model
manufacturerManufacturerstringAsset manufacturer name
vinVINstringVehicle Identification Number, unique alphanumeric code assigned to each vehicle, for identification and tracking purposes
plateNumberPlate NumberstringPlate number of truck or trailer associated with asset
displayNamen/astringReturns preferred display name for certain views, primarily for boards
NOTE: This field is derived from the name, fullID, and assetType attributes.
*See Read-only fields.
glCodeRefGeneral Ledger CodestringDefines associated general ledger code or part to use when coding invoice line item, dependent on asset type to move order
commodityTypeCommodity TypestringType of commodity asset can transport, valid values:bundle, carton, skid, package, container, crate, pallet, other
quantityQuantitystringQuantity of asset
classicTagsClassic TagsDeprecated, see tags
tagsTagsTag record connected object
*See Connected object section
List of tags associated to asset
managersManagersarrayList of assigned user names with manager user role
NOTE: This field is derived from the assignedUsers attribute.
*See Read-only fields.
mapMarkersMap MarkersarrayList of map markers for arbitrary points on a map
NOTE: This field is derived from the currentLocation attribute.
*See Read-only fields.