Verify and track costs for your Partners with bills.


Bills are for companies to track costs and expenses. In Rose Rocket, bills are used to track the final amount to be paid after reviewing an invoice received from a partner.

Companies audit completed work with partners and process invoices from these partners. Bills store the final amount that a company plans to pay to a partner, and are used as an accounting record for these expenses and payment. These are then used for record-keeping and confirmation.

API configuration

When using the API to make requests, see the pages below for the process. These guides walk through the requirements and setup to access the Rose Rocket API with your application.

Object structure

Use the table below for information about the bill objects.

billBillstringRecord to capture services performed by partner and amount to pay
idIDstringGlobal unique identifier
statusStatusstring, enumeratedStatus of bill, valid values:created, sent, partiallyPaid, paid
Defaults to created.
fullIdFull IDstringHuman-readable identifier for financial statement
For example, BILL-{1}
notesNotesstringNotes about bill
internalNotesInternal notesstringInternal notes about bill
partnerPartnerPartner connected object
*See Connected object section
Partner associated with Bill
payDateBill Due DatedatePayment due date for Bill
sentAtBill creation datedateCreated date of Bill
lineItemsLine itemsFinancialLineItem connected object array
*See Connected object section
Various types of charges for an order
For example, accessorials, fuel surcharges, etc.
manifestManifestManifest connected object
*See Connected object section
Manifest for Bill
billTotalBill TotalfloatTotal cost of all line items on Bill
NOTE: This field is derived from the lineItems attribute.
*See Read-only fields.
invoiceDueDateInvoice Due DatedatePartner invoice due date
documentsDocumentsDocument connected object
*See Connected object section
Documents associated with Bill