Retrieving documents from Rose Rocket

Many external files can be retrieved directly from the platform API using GET /customers/{customerID}/orders/{orderID}/files

However, some documents are not exposed currently on the platform API (, and require use of the Core API ([subdomain] instead.

Order Documents: POD, POP, and Commercial Invoice

To retrieve order specific files like proof of pickup (POP), proof of delivery (POD), or Commercial Invoice use: https://[subdomain]{{orderID}}

This will return an order structure, from which the document URLs for POD (pod_file_url), POP, and Commercial Invoice can be grabbed.

Auto-Generated Documents

For autogenerated documents that can be downloaded directly from Rose Rocket like the Bill of Lading (BOL), you can use the following Core API endpoint to download them directly using your auth token: https://<subdomain>{{orderID}}/bol/pdf?token={{authorizationToken}}.

For autogenerated documents not listed here, use the dev tools Network tab to find the applicable URL.