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how to get container and other details of an order

Hi team we are trying to receive order information through API where we are expecting below details to be identified from get OrderDetails API . Kindly assist on which response tags we can find these values if they were captured while order creation. Trailer/Container Number Seal Number 1 Pro Number Total Number of WMS Shipments in the Truck(For CCI) Post delivery goods issue (inbound) Forwarding agent (Partner no.) Label Type Pallet Number Pallet Label Id Carton Label Id Actual quantity delivered in stockkeeping units Base Unit of Measure

How to get the delivery date and time?

Seems this is missing from the order details and if we use POD then is the date there the delivered date? or the upload for POD? Also the API Says it is Date and time and it is only returning Date. thank you

BASEURL/api/v1/orders/ API response doesn't include origin and destination address in production environment

We're working with Noorin and she recommended posting here; she can share our direct account details with you if needed. The API response is not populating the origin and destination addresses in a production environment.we can get the desired in a test environment.

Wrong "pickedup_at" from /orders

Hello - hoping you can assist on this. endpoint: "search all orders" /orders When looking for order id "bce3a395-27a9-4166-9cca-9a042ea258b5" we getnwrong date in the ""pickedup_at": "2024-01-04T12:15:14.1414Z"," which is incorrect due to an user error. q1: Is there any way to edit that value in the UI? so that it reflects the correct "pickedup_at" that is on Jan 02 and not Jan 04. q2: I see that when calling the specific order id "/orders/orderId" for above example there are in fact multiple values for "pickedup_at" when this is a single shipper multi consignee order. Is there any way to get the first "pickedup_at" time stamp instead of the last when calling "search all orders" /orders ?

QBO - RR PAID status update issue

After using the endpoint <https://roserocket.readme.io/reference/update-invoice> to update the invoice to PAID status from QBO to RR via API, the request is successful but the invoice remains unchanged.

Can we get eTracking Link by Order Id?

Hi Support Team, Can you please help to get eTracking Link using Order API or any other API? Basically we have Order Id available and we are looking to get eTracking Link to integrate it with other application. Can you please help with this? Thank you

Create Order Type via API (Single Shipper, Single Consignee, Sequence, Multistop)

I found this previous Q&A <https://roserocket.readme.io/discuss/65241a582c7b0200660c4f81> However, I don't see this "type" here <https://roserocket.readme.io/reference/create-multistop-order> but I did follow the advice "You'll probably find it helpful to build orders of various types by hand and retrieve them using the API, to see the patterns." When I did query an order that had been built "single consignee" in the UI the query returned: ``` "type": "", "is_multistop_order": true, "multistop_order_id": null, "multistop_order_full_id": null, "multistop_order_sequence_id": null, ``` I figured maybe this was buried in the leg data but leg type was : ``` "type": "pickup_delivery", ```

Assigning Manifest to an Order

Hello, while building loads via the API we realized multistop loads don't show AVL leg status like single stops do. it just says multiple/no legs and there is not a filter for that. Our team uses this to figure out which loads need a truck. ![](https://files.readme.io/6bddf61-image.png) RISE-28 built as mutlistop RISE 27 build as single Is there a way to use the API to assign/create a manifest to a multistop order? Thanks!

Manifest last known location not updating after "set location and ETA" changed.

Hello we are tying to update the manifest last known location via the "set location and ETA" and it is not updating. We have tested a few different orders and made sure manifest is "moving". This has worked in the past. please let me know your thoughts or if anything has changed.

I am getting error while update muli stop order

Hello, I am getting following error while updating multistop order: {"error_code":"5-999","error_message":"Invalid dim type"}