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Setting the External ID and URL

We need to be able to set both the ID and URL fields of an Order’s External ID as is done in the UI, via the “Add/Edit” dialog in the “External IDs” section of the Order view.

I am able to view any external IDs that are set on the order via the Get Custom Fields By Order ID endpoint. When I use the [Get External IDs by Order ID](https://roserocket.readme.io/reference/get-external-ids-by-order-id) endpoint (with the same valid order ID) I receive 404. So I assume the Custom Fields API is the one I should be using for this. Is this correct?

Next, when I attempt to add an external ID via the custom fields API via the Upsert custom field values to an order endpoint, I am only able to set the ID Type and ID fields, but not the URL.

The [Upsert external ids to an order](https://roserocket.readme.io/reference/upsert-external-ids-for-an-order) endpoint does appear to have a url parameter, but again appears to always result in a 404.

Is it possible to set the URL for an Order's External ID?